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version# 1.4120-307h (Date Posted: 6/29/17)

What's new:

  • The Pueblo "Worst-Case Plume Prediction" tab has been updated with the latest depot boundary map data as provided by IEM in May 2017.
  • New scenarios were added to both the BGAD and PCD "Worst-Case Plume Prediction" tabs. Additionally, some of the existing scenario descriptions listed in the Scenario dropdown menu were clarified and/or simplified. The newly added scenarios cover a wider range of fire scenarios. For PCD, the Worst-Case scenarios were re-run to account for changes that have taken place since they were last input into CHPConvert (with outputs that now factor in these changes). The changes for the PCD scenarios include: 1) changes in how the MCE scenarios are currently being modeled; and 2) minor changes to the WebPuff dispersion model.
  • The "Worst-Case Plume Prediction" tabs have been updated with the same map data for igloos, zones, the CLA, and the depot boundary as is used in WebPuff 5.3.
  • In the "Wind Direction" tab, a 16-point compass is now used.
  • On the "Calculate Ventilated Release Inputs" tab, the "Agent/Munition Type" control now maintains its setting (when possible) upon changes to the "Source Type" control.
  • The ventilation rate in the "Calculate Source for Inside Agent Reading" and the "Calculate Ventilated Release Inputs" tabs have been modified. The modifications include adjustments in values for consistency between the two tabs. The associated notes on these tabs have also been updated.
  • Agent concentration conversion tabs now include ppm.
  • The "Calculate Ventilated Release Inputs" tab now has a button that resets all settings to their default values.
  • The "Advanced Options" dialog box (under "Options," then "Application Options") now includes a check box labeled "Application window initially maximized." This check box controls whether the CHPConvert application window is in the normal or maximized state when the program starts.
  • The "Calculate Puddle Dimensions" tab was renamed to "Calculate Puddle Area" to reflect changes in WebPuff. Additionally, the notes associated with this tab have been changed and a new button was added that provides information on "Calculating Puddle Size for M55 2&13 Pallet Scenarios."
  • The notes on the "Puddle Direction" tab were changed to reflect changes in WebPuff.
  • The default font size on some of the reports that the user generates has been increased; this includes the three reports that can be generated in the "Calculate Ventilated Release Inputs" tab. The font size for these reports can be changed by the user on the "Advanced Options" dialog box (under "Options," then "Application Options").

Download CHPConvert

version# 1.4120-307h

The CHPConvert utility has been configured two ways. One configuration has the default settings and tabs for PCD and the other configuration has the default settings and tabs for BGCA. Both configurations include all of the same capabilities and data, but we suggest that you download the installation file that has been configured for your site. NOTE: You will need to enter in the same Username/Password combination that you use for the Short Topics - if you need this information contact DETech.



Installation Instructions

  1. Download the appropriate install zip file using the links above and save it to your hard drive.
  2. Locate the install zip file on your hard drive and extract the zip file to install to a location of your choice.
  3. Once the utility has been installed on your computer double click the CHPConvert.exe file to run the CHPConvert utility
Note: CHPConvert can also be burned and run directly off a CD without the need to install the utility on an individual computer. How to Create a CHPConvert CD