Science, Engineering, and Technology


DETech staff have a broad range of scientific, engineering and technical expertise including: atmospheric, hydrologic and environmental sciences; chemical, environmental and mechanical engineering; information technology; and software development. We have the diverse expertise and experience to address a wide-range of practical challenges.

Scientific Research and Evaluation

Our scientists and engineers can provide an independent assessment and analysis of your project. DETech can evaluate data, conduct sensitivity analyses, and evaluate processes and procedures to develop best practices that optimize efficiency and incorporate quality assurance and quality control.

Modeling and Simulation

DETech staff have a wide range of expertise with modeling and simulation. Past work includes: numerical modeling of atmospheric transport and dispersion, environmental acoustic propagation, subsurface hydrology, chemical fate and transport in porous media, convective and conductive heat transfers in buildings, and general mass and energy flows in physical systems.

  • Model evaluation
  • Model verification and validation
  • Inverse modeling for parameter estimation
  • Development of algorithms to model a variety of physical processes
  • Creation of scientific and process visualizations
  • Local and global uncertainty analyses as a means to quantify the influence of model and parameter uncertainties on model predictions

Subject Matter Expertise

DETech has subject matter experts in the following areas:

  • Environmental Chemistry
  • Atmospheric Dispersion Modeling
  • Hazardous Materials Management
  • Geostatistics and Spatial Uncertainty Assessments
  • Soil Science and chemical fate and transport in porous media
  • Chemical Hazard Analysis: training, exercise design, and evaluation
  • Computer Programming & Information Technology: development of scientific and engineering software

Software Development

DETech staff have extensive experience in software design and development for scientific and engineering applications. Applications are designed to save time and money and address large-scale, research-based applications [e.g., US EPA’s “Air Compliance Advisor (ACA)”], to small-scale software applications [e.g., US Army’s “CHPConvert”].

The CHPConvert utility is used at each of the US Army’s chemical agent stockpile sites for calculations and conversions needed by Hazard Analysts. DETech has extensive experience in testing, evaluating, and training software applications.

Scientific Writing

Clear communication of technical subjects can be the difference between success and failure. DETech staff pairs scientific, engineering and technical expertise with advanced technical writing skills to provide clear, concise information on your project. Products include numerous scientific journal articles, technical papers, grant applications, user manuals, training guides, and technical reports. Our editors apply their expertise to the most technical writing challenges.

Project Management

DETech brings project management solutions to scientific, engineering or technical projects. Our project management staff use proven project management principles to plan, organize, secure, and manage resources. DETech will guide you through project task lists, dependencies, levels of effort, and critical path analysis from beginning to end to ensure your project remains on track, on time and on budget.